Ridgewood Youth Basketball

The Ridgewood Hoops Club is the premier youth basketball program for the development of boys in Bergen County. The primary purpose of RHC is to provide a platform for the youth of Ridgewood to achieve excellence in the sport of basketball. Through focused training, exceptional coaching and competitive experiences, RHC players are given the very best opportunity to maximize their potential and reach their individual and team basketball goals.

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Part of Something Bigger

We feel that as our individual players work hard to improve, so will our teams. During the season, we focus both on the individual development of our players, as well as team-oriented play. We also believe that by challenging our players to compete at all times at the highest level of their capability that, win or lose, the greatest development and enjoyment will occur both on the individual and team level.

The Details

Ridgewood Hoops Club is our town’s Recognized Travel Basketball Program for Boys in grades 2nd through 8th. We are a competitive program and play teams from neighboring towns in the NJJBL League.

In addition to the winter NJJBL league, we have both Spring and Fall Clinics. Our objective, as always, is to teach individual and team skills through focused drills and game play.

Part of Something Bigger | Ridgewood Hoops Club
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